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Before and After

NEW PHOTOS that show REAL results with treatment by Dr. Julia Sabetta.


Dorothy is an irrepressible free spirit with the soul of a natural
woman.  She wants to look her best for her son’s upcoming wedding. As
she has somewhat neglected her skin in the past she wants to get an
early start on her new fresher look. One thing Dorothy is sure of is
that she wants only non-invasive methodologies to be utilized in the
achievement of her goals. Dorothy knows that as her face and neck have
multiple issues, she will need multiple or combination remedies.

Follow Dorothy’s progress and celebrate with her at her comely outcome!
What special event would you like to look better for? A reunion
perhaps? Or how about the event that is everyday life? You deserve to
look and feel confident not just for special events but everyday of
your life!


March 2012 -

Before full face and under chin/upper neck .  Remedy: Ultherapy, and some facial filler. Ultherapy lifts and tightens. Filler replaces lost volume.



Early June 2012-

2nd Ultherapy treatment this time just to under chin / upper neck for slimmer more streamlined neckline.



Late June 2012-

Photo rejuvenation MaxG to remove facial veins and improve skin texture, pores and glow.



Mid July 2012-

Dorothy is happy, self-assured, and ready to celebrate, make her son proud, and glow in the family photos ….and to impress the ex!


AN is a bubbly woman in her 50s, and a card-carrying member of the "I hate my neck club!"
She didn’t want to have surgery, and lucky for her, she found out about Dr. Sabetta’s non-invasive Ultherapy treatment.  She was extremely excited, and jumped at the opportunity to schedule an appointment (I told you she was bubbly). She soon discovered that Ultherapy could non-invasively provide her with a neck lift and tighten.  After her treatment, she was overjoyed with her more sculpted neckline.  You could enjoy these same results if you call and schedule an appointment today!

For years LK was bothered by her red looking face. This sweet, no-nonsense 71 year old lady doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t want to start! She was surprised to hear that there was technology out there, photo rejuvenation, that could help her so she tried it. Dr. Sabetta performed just one Max G photo rejuvenation treatment. Now LK is pleased with her new refreshed look and amazed at how easy and comfortable the procedure was with no medical downtime. Do you know the saying,  "You don’t know what you don’t know"? Our happy patient LK is now a proponent of this statement, and feels that if an issue bothers you, ask Dr Sabetta, she’s the non- invasive skin solution doctor!


NC is a reserved, attractive young mother who despised the stretch marks on her belly. She was embarrassed to go to the beach, and wear anything revealing at all.  Her stretch marks bothered her so much so that it sapped all of the confidence she once had! When NC heard that Fractional Laser Resurfacing could help her, she came in for a consultation with Dr. Sabetta immediately. Together, they developed a unique treatment series for her abdomen, and now, she is ecstatic over her smooth belly skin. In fact, she is so happy that she is scheduled for Liposonix non invasive fat reduction in a few days. Her goal is to regain her  confidence, and proudly wear a bikini this summer on the beach!


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